VegaMax Films is based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and is dedicated to the production of commercial media, website and computer videos.
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Isla de Mona   Nine minute short film that explores the beauty of Mona Island as seen by Gitzuman and the Monisticos expedition.
Isla de Vieques:  La Liberacion  Vieques Island:  The Liberation  Humoristic short film based on the events that transpired on the Island in May of  2003. 
Tito's Overture.  Felix Trinidad battles Roy Jones in a glorious fight.  Director's view.  Thanks Tito and Don Felix...
Barack Obama Visits Puerto Rico   The congressman visits the Island during the 2008 primaries.   
Sol Carbone at the Hard Rock Cafe, San Juan.  Three-camera view of the Puerto Rican singer/composer performing her latest release.
Michelle Obama Visits Puerto Rico   Barack's wife speaks in Caguas during her visit in May 2008.
April 26.   Timeless musical journey starring Emilio Vega.  Is it today?  or  tomorrow?
Rain Forest.  A soothing musical montage.  A landscape of sounds and sights.  Filmed in Puerto Rico. 
Rubi returns to Georgia.   Multi-level musical esmosgasbord exploring filmmaker Emilio Vega's last trip to the south.    A classic masterpiece.
Cancer, Death and Cigarettes Ironic short film regarding life and death.   
Coming Soon:  The monster of rock.  Starring:  Funk.  All original music by:  Funk.
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